a geometrical approach to physics

Teil 2: Die alten Paradigmen werden hinterfragt

“Everything we call real is made of thinngs that cannot be regarded as real.” - Niels Bohr


The foregoing, Part 1 of the MFT (Matrix Field Theory), creates a completely new basis for axiomatic assumptions and forces a paradigm shift for the understanding of physics. The part 2 here show the physical topics from the new prospect, the matrix structure of the medium, previously called empty space.

Light, its deepest natureEinstein postulated the photon due to the electro-magnetic effect in the appearance of images on photographic plates. He called the smallest parts of the light photons, particles that move through space with c and therefor have zero mass. This description irritated in the same way e.g. as of a man who says when getting up that he falls negatively down. The result is similar, but it is not the way to describes it.

Light is not a particle and it does not move. It is a momentum of an energy quantum that is constantly re-creating or propagating through space; as a vector oscillation from space cell to space cell. The space cell that is left is the same as before, and the one that builds up and establishes the vector momentum that arose a long time ago by an electro-magnetic (em) process as a surplus in a state of equilibrium. It is a vector-surplus momentum, a vibrational distortion of the equilibrium along space-correlated cells propagating in the spatial structure (matrix).

The medium of this oscillation is matrix size 2; 4; 6, etc., the basis of EM-space. The space cell size or better; the field size propagates with a force magnitude of e = h / λ, that is, the smaller the field size, the larger the field tension. The field tension e is linear (1D) since it originated from a vector pulse. This can only have the size of a quantum, since it was created with a field that is integrated in the matrix and as a unit of space has gotten its size, its unit of time and its momentum in quantum sizes. In this sense, its space size will only change in the way as its momentum in the appropriate time. That means here:
or radius of the field (spheric) r=tˑc and
pulse e=h/r and its
time of the pulse t=r/c.

In classical imagination, light is seen as a transverse wave, Now we recognize, the wave is longitudinal, so it's a vector oscillation in the direction of its propagation. To understand the paradox, we need to plunge one layer deeper into the nature of light. The birth is caused by an energy surplus in the interaction of a charge fields in the EM-charge-field space of an atom (electron-orbit). This excess is catapulted radially out from the charge-field center with v = c and propagates as an E-vector in space. Its field size is determined by 2ˑr = 2ˑtˑc. The momentum in this field is added to the existing space field in the 4 known states (colors or values = ++; + -; -; - +). But this interaction has no vector. In this state, the light quantum or the Einstein photon can interact with a polarization filter. The result is the polarization, the double polarization (angle-dependent) or the Bell theorem, which shows here one of the most mysterious properties of light. John Stewart Bell describes a simple experiment that shows that 2 of the photons had to be entangled to make the information of the first filter work on the other filter.
What is meant, can be looked up on Youtube


It is a brilliant explanation of today's physics, in which terms such as entanglement, polarization, local realism, quicker than light, etc. were worked out pure and logically. No wonder some people assume that a photon has a spin, since the direction of the filter is the essential element that seems gives the values.

  • bells theorem

    filter A = 0°
    filter B = 90°
    filter C = 45°

    A+B = Black
    A+C = light grey
    B+C = light grey
    A+B+C = dark grey

    The effect here is that the overlap of all 3 polarizing filters is brighter than the overlap of 2 filters. The explanation of today's physics is that always two photons of unequal valence form a pair, which independently of distance uses together their unequal information to come together through the filter.

    For example:

    Black: Photon 1 is blocked by A and Photon 2 by B. Result: 0% Value = (- -)
    Gray: Photon 1 is blocked by A but Photon 2 passes C (45 °). Result: 50% value = (- +)
    Gray: Photon 1 is blocked by B but Photon 2 passes C (45 °). Result: 50% value = (- +)
    Dark Gray Photon 1 is blocked by A and B but Photon 2 passes C. Value = (- - +)
    In order to explain why the overlap of all 3 filters is brighter than that of the 2 filters A and B, it must be assumed that the photons already know when passing through A and B that C will come after that, otherwise they let them self be blocked passing of AB.
    That's a typical quantum mechanical explanation. The explanation of the Matrix Theory seems more demanding at first sight, but does not have prophetic knowledge.
    The challenge lies in the unfamiliar idea of simultaneity in a cycle of (+) time / (-) time. The equilibrium of the cycle phases in the matrix needs simultaneity. The speed of light of information would plunge the Matrix into the chaos of the Copenhagen Convention (Probability Theory). Even Feynman's theory of a local realism explains only a reality in the sense that it has no universal value and applies only in certain states and local places (Lagrange density). The matrix theory, however, should create a universal realism.

    Physically, simultaneity means v = ∞. Of course, it does not have to be infinite in the real world, but is completely detached from the speed of light c. This is understood when a beginning of the universe is assumed, which, under unthinkable pressure in minute cycles of space and time, was the beginning stage of the universe and expanded into its present state. Everything was entangled or synchronized in the initial state. If the basic rhythm is synchronized over light-years, then interactions within a field that can be any size can give an information rate far beyond the speed of light.

    Hyper fields:
    We should assume that photons (linear one dimensional field momenta) are not only generated from charge field excess, but also from fields of aggregate states and also fields whose existence is not yet known today. There is simultaneity in all the fields. It also has an effect in (-) time, which reverses the course of cause and effect.
    If simultaneity is universal, when does non-simultaneity begin?
    Well, a photon is a one-dimensional additive quantity and is added to the states within the current space cell. It is thus not a part of the simultaneity of the space cell.
    How can a one-dimensional longitudinal additive quantity be polarized?
    Well, as an additive quantity, it has no effect on the radial effects of the current field states. These but are the ones that are polarized. Thus, the effects (colors) are polarized, which are dependent on the simultaneity.
    How then explains the passage through 3 polarization filter?
    Simultaneity causes all 3 filters (or more) to act at once, so the calculation is: A + B + C = 0% + 50% x 50% = 25% light transmission. Of course, the vector equation (sin) ^ 2 is used for different angles and filter numbers.


    size4 diagonals

    Now that we have received so many additional elements for an explanation, the answer is no longer difficult. Even Broglie realized that there had to be extra waves in the interference of electrons. The matrix theory offers here the hyper fields. The electron or the photon does not interfere; it is the space cell that interferes. And it is this that allows the existence of the photon (one-dimensional momentum) or not. The photon passes only one slot, but the area of the interfering can be phase-shifted, thus giving the moment (the photon) no realization vector.

    The field space of size 4 is an ideal moment carrier. Its pulsation into the 4 properties of the space causes a zero crossing twice during a cycle (îf you want: 2 times of 1/2 spin). In this phase, the moment also has zero. It is the area of interference.

    The matrix theory cannot determine the field-space-size or its metric in the current phase of science. There is still no value comparison of the frequencies (Compton wavelength) and the metric of the matrix space.

    The compelling clues of the 4th space dimension

    In the further description of the theory, assumptions are made demonstrating the feasibility of various electro-magnetic mass particles in relation to the matrix, but without an experimental background.
    As shown at the beginning of the book, space, time and pulse are first and foremost human concepts whose reality must be determined. In space, it is the cycle that needed the negative time to add up to zero as whole. The (-) time, however, requires the acceptance of antimatter or here the backside of the third space dimension. A logical evaluation of CERN´s experiments documents the (-) time of antiparticles, as Feynman graphs show. The current image of super-symmetry (SUSY) is wrong, because it sees antimatter as separate particles. The four states of a whole cycle, which are compulsorily required in the matrix and add up to zero, demand the (-) time state, which means that each fermion is also its antiparticle in this state.
    Now it can be easily imagined that the concept of a 2nd dimension becomes a backside by imagen a sheet of paper and thus becomes (as thin as ever) 3 dimensional. Exactly this is the state of our 3 dimensional space, which must also have a backside (SUSY) in the 4th space dimension. These clues prove the existence of a 4th dimension, but only scratch the surface there. When the paper becomes a book or a ball that has been crumpled up, we find ourselves in the 4th space dimension. Einstein's theory of relativity calls for a curved space to correspond to its density. That would be the sum of all oscillations with vector perpendicular to the 3D coordinates. From the point of view of the matrix, that would not be a bend, it would only be a value in the 4D coordinate.

    The value on every place on a coordinate should be by logic always the same, later we see, that the zero-dimension could alter and therefor the unic values on  a coordinate will alter too.

    A first approach dressing a fermion with the matrix structure

  • oktaeder-diagonale

    As we saw, photons can easily propagate through the space sizes 2; 4; 6 etc. Standing waves (fermions) ideally should cancel each other at a certain distance (Compton radius), that means the matrix fields have a 4 color rhythm. The space size 3, as we shall see, achieves our goals, as the following analysis shows.

    Size 3 has in its interior 4 octahedral with 4 deficiency colors (missing colors) which are again in equilibrium to each other, what means they have 4 color no surplus moment, of whatever kind.

  • oktaeder-im-orto

    Completely stripped off the tetrahedral structure, A shows an octahedron whose color fields (not shown here) show white as a deficiency color. As a reminder: the 4 colors symbolize the 4 states of the universal cycle ++ | + - | - + | --.

    These deficient color fields were shown embedded in the orthogonal structure and proved in B that octahedral are formed from them as well. In this picture, the red lines show only the spatial references, whereas the remaining ortho-space is formed by lines that connect the inherited color fields, not shown here for the sake of clarity. That means e.g. here; a green line connects 2 green fields of size 1 (invisible here) and ends in a white field of an octahedron that is also invisible here. It is clearly a limit of representation. Important: The resulting deficiency colors in octahedral creates again octahedral with a deficiency colors in the center, a combination of space that only becomes clear later with the assumption of a fourth dimension.

  • manko-1

    Here again the ortho space shows the 2 field sizes, the small balls (1) of size (√2) and the big balls of size (√2 x √2) = 2.
    The original base fields size 1 are not shown and could act as a medium here. Not to forget: Fields need a medium. It is ultimately not the space (as a concept) but the fields that make the space real.
    All field sizes 1, (√2), (√2 x √2) are in equilibrium to each other. This can only be obtained if in principle simultaneity of the rhythms prevails.

  • Relative simultaneity in time
    As we have seen in chapter Light, its deepest nature, in the state of entanglement, simultaneity becomes necessary for logical reasons. It is independent of the speed of light. We should reverse the question and explain how the phenomenon of the speed of light arises. In principle, this question was answered in 1905 by Einstein. There are 2 frames of reference, the outer and the inner. In the space size 1, c is infinite or simultaneously. In space 2 it is infinite within size 1 - 2 and in space 7 it is infinite within 1-7. In space size 262144 it is infinite within 1 - 262144, but outside it is already recognizable as c.

    The path of light through the various space cells depending on the frequency of the light builds up by much larger room sizes. The scheme below shows the status of the photon cycle in accordance with the space-size cycle:


    Since the logically required simultaneity is only possible inside of a reference system, the question now arises how the state of entanglement appears there? This can only be explained if hyper-fields exist over the fields in action, more or less like the overtones or better the undertones of the music. A close examination shows us that the hyper-fields can have any size and that ultimately the simultaneity can only be an apparent simultaneity.
    How to understand this: The term time is incompletely explained in physics. Time as a physical concept, like space, has a theoretical application and a reality. In this view, it has a back, a reverse side in the 4th dimension. It makes things appear real if they give them a full cycle it means with a sub cycle in the (+) time and a completion in the (-) time. From our point of view, this can only be observed in particle physics. It is the main reason why particles in principle have no age and maintain their oscillation forever lossless. They form a full cycle of simultaneity with the 4 stages. Although they are sequenced in a larger cycle, they can respond simultaneously by disturbances or other actions that belong to the larger cycle. This becomes understandable when the field cycle is no longer seen as an ultimate thing but as the product of the environment or matrix of cycles. A + + status is generated by the surrounding sub cycles - - and is linked to them in the force reference. As we will see later, 2 sub cycles of the electron are still a vector oscillation perpendicular to all 3 space dimensions. This vibration can change the space in the matrix to make it appear that an electron changes from (- +) to (+ -), which also changes the reference to an adjacent electron. Today's research in physics is moving towards quantum computers that use this effect.

    The 4. Dimension

    The term dimension is seen in the context of the matrix not only as a spatial dimension, but as a new spheres of action of space, time and force. Here is an example: A field area (base size 1 in the matrix structure) is created by an expansion phase in the sense of an entropy seeking the equilibrium in the environment that exceeds the zero point (entropy pressure) by the created moment (force • v) and as a vacuum (opposite of the expansive phase) presses into the environment, is forced by this to action standstill (entropy v) whose resistance (the environment) in turn reverses the moment of expansion (the vacuum) to collapse into a center (smallest entropy of space, time, maximum momentum force/space). From there, however, the entire process is repeated with the opposite sign. The second process, however, is in (-) time, and therefore on the back of our 3D space, which only makes sense if our 3D space is in a 4D hyper space. To understand this better, here's an example: The concept of dimensions starts with dimension 0 (D0) and is called lokus, a place. The place is information, nothing else. The other dimensions remain information only if D0 has no physicality. To make the dimensions physical, D0 should be physical. It becomes physical when it has a space size what is smaller than the measurable, but that develops if it is summed up a physical value. In this sense we look at D2. Physically, it is an area if it has a back side like a paper side or is a side of a D3 body. In short, a dimension becomes a real physical quantity if it can transfer its value to the next higher dimension. So suppose that our D3 space is real then this becomes also valid as proof of the 4th dimension.

    the vibration vector in the 4th dimension

    Is the space of the matrix with its hexagonal, orthogonal and trigonal aspects of its structure hardly conceivable, but how should the vibration be presented in the 4th dimension, above all why? Well, in the world of vibrating vectors, the higher dimensions cast their shadows over the deeper ones. There are signs of transitions. D-zero must have a size, even if this size is below the measurability and remains unprovable. A D1 line must have a right and a left side to transfer to the 2nd dimension. An area D2 must have a back to form the 3rd dimension. So the 3rd dimension has to have a vibrational direction that uses all other vibrational values as a tensor field and also gives you a reality in a new dimension. In short, we are real, even if our components are just vibrations.
    The main problem with the presentation of the 4th space dimension is that different things have the same x, y, z values. 4 cubes in 4 colors with the same sizes in the same place x, y, z show us only 1 cube with one color. In D4 we would see 4 dice in 4 colors. Unfortunately, the matrix as a geometric structure does not take account of our limited conception. It just determines there. 


    As described above, the matrix has 2 forms sharing the colors and centers of the primary fields. Depending on the allocation of triangular surfaces we see a structure of tetrahedral or octahedral. Although the tetrahedral have space-time scaling, since they always form a perfect equilibrium, force scaling is not possible. For this, the octahedral structure of the same space provides everything necessary for a force-scaling of the space. Each 6 field centers, the corners of the octahedron, have an incomplete cycle and move the central space-place of the octahedron with the force that completes the Equilibrium. In the above example we see red, yellow and white vibrating in the axes of the 3D space, which here form a gray center (a cyclic condition). However, this no longer has the base distance of 1, but √2 / 2, which makes the force = force unit * √2 = 1.414 force. This would cause the space to explode in principle, since these new force centers, here referred as a Manko color (or potentially missing color), again form octahedral at base distance 1, which also form Manko colors of the size √2 * √2, and so on. After each generation the Manko-color increases by √2, after x generations the Manko-color increases by √2 ^ x. Even in the first generation, Planck's quantum of action would be changed, after the second generation the corresponding Compton wavelength and, in this episode, also the theory of relativity. As we see later, this will not happen, it becomes equalized by the 4. dimension.

    Why do we follow this idea when all existing theories are violated?

    A 4th space dimension would elegantly resolve the node. The diagonals in 3D space would bend to √2 / 2 into the 4th dimension, which together with the length √2 / 2 of the 3rd dimension would again form the unit length 1:
    (√2 / 2) ^ 2 + (√2 / 2) ^ 2 = 1
    This would prove the fourth space dimension by fact. At the same time, it is shown that any force does not tear the matrix's mesh but only penetrate deeper into the 4th dimension. Here we want to show how the process can be assumed even in the 3. dimensions.

    bending-in-4dIt shows the area consisting of triangles (3 fields here as white spheres, hardly to see). At the center of these triangles is the manko color (gold) created by the white corner fields. It is bent upwards (red as pressure) or downwards (blue as tension) into the 4. dimension. The result is 4D space. Through these fields in the 4D space arises the constellation of the octahedron. In its power center, if the energy introduced from the outside is large enough, a second generation of shortcomings is created. These, in turn, would bend into a second layer of 4th space dimension with another energy surplus, as described above. In this sense, the process can reach far into the dimensions of hyperspace. However, here only a rigid image can be shown, which fluctuates or oscillates in reality and whose distances change to a certain extent. The bending into the next higher dimension can also be called a dimensional collapse.

    What about dimension 1 and 2?

  • d1-oscilllation

    However,here only a rigid image can be shown, which fluctuates or oscillates in reality and whose distances change to a certain extent. The bending into the next higher dimension can also be called a dimensional collapse. 

     Mind you, the geometric dimensions are just concepts without reality. As a reality, the D1 is a string of 4 colored fields corresponding to the 4 conditions of the Equilibrium fields. If D1 is compressed sufficiently, then the distances (here always size 1) will bend into the next higher (the 2nd) dimension.

    The field chain here consists of blue (in the state of expansion), red (in the state of shrinkage) in the (+) time, in the (-) time yellow (in the state of expansion), and white (in the state of shrinkage). Since the colors in the second dimension are also looking for equilibrium, the 2D strings clump into 2D surfaces.

  • size1-multibleAs an area of 3 corners, they develop the 4th (deficiency or manko) color needed for a full cycle of the field combination. These deficiency colors are then bent to the next higher (3rd) dimension and form tetrahedral, the smallest field spaces in the equilibrium. We must remember the previously written; they fill 100% of the (for us empty) space. However, a further action of energies takes place in the interstices of the tetrahedral, which have the shape of the octahedral and whose inner force relationships form the orthogonal (rectangular) space, in whose diagonal a deficiency of color emerges, which, as described above, the transition into the 4th dimension. This closes the circle of a geometric description of dimensional transitions.

    T h e   f o r c e

    Force is only a concept without reality as long as it receives its interpretation through other concepts such as mass, inertia, time, distance. To integrate it into the reality of the matrix field Theory, it must explain its role in the 4 conditions of the basic cycle.
    The official physical interpretation is manifold depending on the relation to distance, area, velocity, acceleration etc. The most general description is: F → = ᵈp → / ᵈt or pulse / time unit. Now ᵈp → / ᵈt should only be seen at pulse / cycle. Since these processes happen at the speed of light, it is clear that with a very small value of the cycle or time, the value of the pulse number is higher and thus also F. This is analogously E = h * f or h * frequency, the quantum of action.
    The philosophical explanation is more comprehensive: it is essentially the elasticity of the medium we call the fabric of the universe. To see this in the right light, we should look at the actions of the oscillations in a medium. Oscillation as a change of push-pull does not move in a medium, it propagates. Air-sound carries the impulse with ~ 300m/s. However, the air does not move (an air blast of 300 m/s would destroy the lab). If we consider steel as a medium, then the momentum is carried on at > 5000 m / s. Light pulses (photons) propagate at ~ 300'000'000 m/s, whereby the elasticity of the "empty space" is ~ 60'000 times stronger than steel. Now we should finally have realized that nothing can move through space, it must propagate. We and our world are just oscillation in impulses, nothing solid.
    It is this "empty space" that can be explained in its smallest basis by the structure of the matrix. It is the equilibrium of the cycle, which consists of 4 sub-cycles or conditions of the field unit. It is the elasticity that leads back to equilibrium or struggles to deviate from it. Let's look at this oscillation in the matrix in each phase:

    Phase + + here Red (+) = compression in relation to the environment in the (+) time
    The field builds up towards compression, reaches the zenith and falls back to the level of the environment in the first 90 ° of the time cycle.
    Phase - + here Yellow The field falls through the zero compensation into the depression and is compensates in the second 90° time cycle again to the level zero
    Phase + - here Green (+) = compression in relation to the environment in (-) time
    The field builds up in the third 90 ° time cycle towards compression, and falls back to the level of the environment
    Phase - - here Blue (-) = depression in relation to the environment in (-) time (from us).
    The field falls through the zero balance in the depression and is compensated by the elasticity back to zero level. The process ends the fourth 90° phase of the cycle and the second phase of time.
    All 4 cycles give the full equilibrium of time and elasticity. Compression and depression change the space, which is compensated in 180° time cycle. Space and impulses have the same cycle.

    The force barrier in the dimensional transition

    Without an experimental background, the topic becomes either a statement or must be treated as a logical paradigm. The paradigm forms the field and its oscillation, which presupposes elasticity. Assuming the same momentum, the field size becomes the variable reciprocal to the force. This can be presented in this way that the tension of the field in the contracted state is higher and in the widened state the values become (-) to the general tension. From the geometric explanation of a dimensional transition, we know that the field distance in the octahedron is 1/√2 and the force-resultant is √2 (the center of the octahedron is ~1.4 of the vertex force if the surplus force as an addidional force is = vertex force.

    4d-1The geometric space scaling of the space sizes 1 up to x is based on field distances of 1, 2, 3, etc. and has transitions of a doubling of the distance or ½ of the force. This results in fact, when a force is applied to the matrix, it transferrs it primary to the next dimension before it transfers it to the  next smaller scaling.
    Because of the 4th dimension the representation of the picture had to be symbolized. The yellow area is the 3D space along the base of the octahedron. All values of z have become zero. All z values in the picture are therefore values in the 4th space dimension. Above the 3D space forms a new 3D space in 4D. The same applies to the downward deflection. For the sake of clarity, the illustration shows only every 2nd octahedron. The middle octahedron is affected of 3D spacelayers. All in all, we see 5 parallel 3D spaces oscillating in the interaction of colors (equilibrium) in 4D.

    But how do the huge force fields happen we observe in the metric of our universe?

    The answer would be logically that until now we have been working in a basic metric like Planck's size, and in this metric we actually pass the dimension transitions rather than the change of field sizes. In fact, the order of magnitude of our everyday world does not have much effect on the metric of the Matrix. If we consider that a quantum can be >100 m in our field space (EM space) and much more in the case of gravity, then we must realize that classical physics deals with an unimaginable number of basic fields and from the digital value character of the matrix and Quantum Field Theory (QFT) it develops to the analogous character of classical physics known to us. The QFT actually knows only 7 fields, 5 force fields like gravitation, electro-magnetic, strong nuclear field, weak nuclear field, Higgs field and 2 matter fields like Leptons and Barions.

    Fortunately, we do not have to stick to this classification. Not because these fields do not exist, but because this classification has implemented certain interpretations.

    H e r e   w e   g o :

    Gravity is not based on a large and weak field size but on the multiple effects of countless small and smallest fields. Later, more about it.

    The electromagnetic (EM) field space is the field size responsible for gravity, EM forces and the weak and strong nuclear forces. It is actually not a field space but the medium of various field spaces such as EM forces, nuclear forces and, in principle, matter. The Higgs particle that we think we have discovered is also suitable. It is the interpretation that is wrong, since the effects such as mass and inertia cannot be interpreted in principle with a (Higgs) particle from the same field space size.
    The question arises as to what meaning the medium has over the larger field sizes or what are the fundamental differences between the medium and the interactive fields of everyday physics? In principle, there are no differences and each space of a field size is in integer relation to the matrix of size 1 and 2. Size 1, however, has an absolute equilibrium of all sizes of distance, time, and force impulse. It must be assumed that this magnitude was created at the birth of our Universe, and as time passed, more patterns or interactive correlations have built in the multiple space sizes that have created a diverse world of different sizes and qualities. However, the size 1 and 2 matrix remains the ultimate medium.
    What happens to the manko color (deficiency color) in the center of the octahedral? Can they even be created in a 100% equilibrium? No, they cannot arise because the 6 fields of the octahedral in equilibrium have zero values, they are also neighbor fields of tetrahedral. The octahedral are only the distances, the gaps between the tetrahedral. To understand the emergence of the deficiency colors, it must be assumed that from the very beginning of the medium and thus in all other space sizes a game of surplus and deficiency forces were happened. The deficiency colors are therefore like a balance valve, they only arise in over (under) shot-force impulses.

    This raises the question of whether a dimensional transition is possible even in larger space sizes? Obviously not. We know that the fields of deficiency colors in turn form octahedral that have a deficiency color in there center. It must therefore be imagined that with a sufficiently large excess of force in a larger space size, e.g. Size 7 can arise several generations of deficiency colors, whereby every 2nd generation the space size collapses into the next smaller space size,it means √2 * √2 = 2. As we have seen above, space sizes <1 form chaotic values that prevent ordered value passing to the 4th dimension. It seems that here in size 1 the matrix has gotten a bottom, where even by harmonic combinations only and eventually an exotic element of shortest lifetime could be produced.
    To round off the picture here is a comparison: The beating of two stones under water creates a wave (sound), which runs through the water at 1000 m/s. It is a 2D- wave. A volume wave of 3 m height, however, already needs a heavy storm in the ocean.
    Interactions in the 3D space space happen at the speed of light, but interactions of cosmic proportions also cause fields in 4D space, which, however, produce stationary waves.

    Inertia and mass

    This thin layer of our 3rd dimension as a 4-dimensional layer has the strength created by the vibration amplitude of the fermion. Fermions have 3 strengths or, as stated in CERN; 3 families. However, we care only about the first family in terms of the matrix because their particles are stable. They have a vibrational vector perpendicular to the 3 space dimensions and therefore can hold their energy or the 4D momentum locally. This creates a standing point size field (or a standing local wave). Again, the Compton wavelength is the radius of this point size field, where it bounce back to zero position and swings to the upper side. An additional external momentum of the vector (kinetic energy) causes the space or matrix of the stationary field to experience a momentum, which (since the action comes out of the matrix) also has the cycle of 4 states (theoretically a photon). It is an impulse that propagates without resistance from space-cell to space-cell. Thus, the movement of the stationary field is retained energetically. In our world size we call it inertia. The momentum magnitude has a direct relation to the mass and this produces the effect of gravity. Without gravity, there is only inertia. Mass is therefore the generic term for inertia and gravity.

    That sounds like a statement, which is here repeated again in slow motion. The oscillation of the 4 states or its colors, is a field in 3D space and forms the geometric relationships as tetrahedral and octahedral. As a network of relationships, it tries to achieve equalization (equilibrium) of its states. The network of relationships in the form of an octahedron has a deficiency color, whereby these form the balance of momenta into the 4th dimension.

    4d-2In the 4th dimension, they again form a layer, which in our view is a 3D space. In this turn, also deficiency colors are created, which form a relationship as an octahedron and turn (if the excess energy is sufficient) with their shortcomings colors new 3D spaces as layers in the 4D form.
    Thus, a large excess energy can manifest deep into the 4D space. However, this mechanism works only for space sizes 1 and 2. The larger field sizes divert their excess energy into the next smaller space size after only one generation of deficiency colors (one layer in 4D space). To generate inertia, the excess energies should be greater than the equilibrium energy (entropy of space size 1). In theory, a negative energy (stretching the space fabric) can compensate the deficiency colors in reverse and become anti gravity. In this way, we would have solved the inertial problem of UFOs described in the introduction, but at the same time raised the question of why such events do not occur in everyday physics. This must have something to do with the fact that space is in a big cycle of (+) time and these events are antimatter in supersymmetry.
    Mass is the acceleration of an object with inertia and has no axiomatic character. Since gravity acts as acceleration, it is the reason why we ascribe mass as a quality to matter. In non-gravitational space there is no mass.


    There are many interpretations of gravity, the most well-known is Newton's, which is still used today. Einstein interpreted gravity as a curved space. He was under stress to annihilate the ether as an idea. Although this interpretation is incorrect, it offers mathematics for precise application. But we do not want to talk about flaws here but give a geometric explanation from the point of view of the matrix field theory (MFT).
    It is the stability of the basic space size 1, which provides an explanation. There, all deficiency colors bend into the fourth space dimension over several generations and form the fermions with their rest mass as bent fields into the fourth space dimension. Introduced in slow motion it looks like this:


    The deficiency colors forms a space (a layer in the 4D) by octahedral. The different energy levels of the deficiency-Color-spaces increase the energy level of the original space and, according to GRT, shorten the base distances of the fields. It's the same mechanism as a vibrating string. The string is one-dimensional, the vibration goes into the second dimension and in which the right-hand vibration as well as the left-hand vibration amplifies only tension. The vibration in 4D space makes no difference between the + + phase or the - - phase. Both increase the spatial tension, which as a momentum with very large wavelengths in turn obeys the law of basic elasticity: E= h/λ. As a multiple process, the mini-tensing forces accumulate to gravity. When you suddenly would take them away by UFO technology, as above, then the cluster of multiple-tensing-units would degrade until the 2D expansion of the spherical surface (gravity tension field) reaches the size where the mini-tensing-forces with the size of their wave lengths would have enough space next to next without any tension. From then on, gravity would only be encountered as a wave.

    Normally, e.g. our planet earth, gravity is a collection of minute pull forces or, in view of the matrix, smallest negative energies that form a global tendency to fill up with other spatial units. However, this unfortunate property, when filled up with other units of space, creates an even greater accumulation, which in turn creates even more tension, which in the most extreme case can create the space collapse. In contrast to official physics, however, I like to ask where it collapses into. Different scenarios are available.
    1.) All matrix parts of the space disappear into the 4th space dimension, which has the same matrix, because it goes through all dimensions. As we will see later: the transfer proceeds via the octahedral or, theoretically, through the distances of the tetrahedral (here the octahedral).
    2.) Due to the large proportion of space parts in the 4D space, the space shrinkage in the 3D space is so large that all matter is swallowed in a sufficient radius, the negative space energy as the total size of a total oscillation or mega-moment which produces an equally large compensation zone (repulsion zone like the "Oort cloud") that completely prevents the attraction of more matter. The Pauli´s Exclusion Principle in the galactic scale.
    Both scenarios interact with each other. The more the spatial structures bend into the 4D space, the greater the mega-moment effect, which forms a counter-mega moment effect. This effect produces a weak "lensing" in normal stars, which is not the gravitational lensing of NASA's images, but has the same nature. Here is an example: Pearl necklaces of the stars:



    The inner gravitational field focuses the rays and thus limits the number of stars of the stars behind the field. The outer field (compensation area of the gravitational field) disperses the rays and thus collects considerably more stars than parallel rays in the same area. These fields are often larger than the star distance and interfere with each other. The often-mentioned counter-argument claims that the stars are born that way and the birthplaces have this structure. This argument becomes obsolete if galaxies are also included in the visible star chains, proving that this can only be an optical effect.
    That stars can have such large fields of action is the proof that a QFT also has to apply in this order of magnitude. Newton is no longer valid here. It also explains the dark matter needed in Newton's formula. In the new computation, (+) and (-) fields appear, which can be carried far out into the intergalactic space and allow ever greater impact by culminating.
    Gravity is a multiple mega-field that does not reveal a quantum structure and thus becomes pure analogue for us. Nevertheless, it consists of mini-field sizes, which have very large wavelengths because of the weak amplitude of their oscillation. They all have approximately the same starting point (with an inaccuracy in terms of our solar system size) and start with a (+) value that cannot have a spin value, since the inflection into the 4th space dimension only generates one value in 3D space: Compression or space reduction or space condensation. This creates tension or train in 3D space. And here the elasticity intervenes. It is responsible for the compensating for these forces. Although gravity seems to us to be an overall analogous quantity, it cannot be seen from the Matrix Field Theory (MFT) view. It would have h / (weight of the entire earth / the tremendous number of their fermions) give the radius of the Compton wave.

    The lens effect or the formation of the star chains from the viewpoint of the neighboring star Alpha Centauri or even further distance is likely to take place in the Oort cloud.


     Today's physics assign the spin value 2 to gravity. This is to be understood if it is assumed that spin ½ can have 2 values (+) or (-) for an interaction within a λ value. Spin 1 has 2 values simultaneously (+) and (-) within one wavelength (λ value) and can therefore interfere. Spin 2, however, can only culminate because it rotates 720 ° and also has no (-) at the phase shift (720 ° / 2 = 360 °).
    In the MFT this makes no sense, since SPIN is not a rotation but one of the 4 field phases. In that sense, gravity is not a field because it has no phases. This can only be understood if gravitation is generated by the 4 field phases from the 4th space dimension, where each field phase can only have one single effect, the 3D space contraction. As I said, it's like a swinging string: no matter where the vibration goes (left right, front, back), it only has an effect of increasing the tension on the waistband. This circumstance can be seen as further proof that the matrix must be at least 4 dimensional.

    Another explanatory image for gravitation gives us the image of a beaded string.

    PerlenschnurThe thread on which the beads hang is the substance of the medium whose elasticity produces the speed of light C. In the area of a fermion group, increased stresses are generated in the space, which shows up as compression. This region is local because it is generated by vector oscillation in 4D. Since the surrounding parts of the space also consist of individual fermions, they are stimulated by the compression into a stressed train zone. However, as fermions they cannot balance with C and are overrun by compression with C. The next zones are similar, with their amplitude becoming ever flatter and correspondingly ʎ=h/p getting bigger and bigger. This effect eventually causes very thin and huge fields around a star, which, by culmination on a larger scale, produce galactic gravitational effects, which according to Newton require the dark mass for their explanation, but here become a logical explanation as fields.

    The criticism at Newton

    Gravity, as a force that becomes ever smaller, P=G*m/r^2, and thus never ends, carries the effect beyond the size of the universe into hyperspace, adding up on a universal scale as a non-balance of the whole Systems without finding a compensation. Such a size cannot exist in terms of balance in our universe. All forces have to compensate at some point or they just do not belong to the system. In the case of gravity, there is an entropy of the forces of the universe, which swallow the amplitude of the last compensation range as a size >zero. This means that the fine gravity/antigravity fields depend not only on their source but on the density of the surrounding space. It is this gravitational entropy that, according to current knowledge, is responsible for the expansion of the universe. Of course, the gravitational energy is the same, whether field or Newton, the (+) values and (-) values of the fields give the same value, as in Newton, but are still there in longest distances, where the values according to Newton have practically come to zero.
    As a numerical example:
    Accordung Field Theory:  6 - 5 + 4 - 3 + 2 - 1 = 3 everywhere values in space
    According to Newton: 6 - 3 - 2 - 1 = 0 after a short distance almost zero values

    Criticism of the idea of spin value:

    In the field theory of the matrix there are no particles and therefore no spin with an axial vector. A fermion is a local field with an oscillation in 4 different states. Although the Stern - Gerlach experiment was contemporary interpreted at that time, it can only be understood through field oscillation. The effect is the same, but not the cause. The polarizer in the experiment split the direction of the electrons in two directions, which was interpreted as ½ rotation. In field theory, it is one of two states that interact with the magnetic field of the polarizer. It is always only interactions of 2 states that act. A spin is not needed as an explanation.

    Criticism of the idea of an electric charge

    In the matrix field theory everything can be interpreted geometrically. There is no charge field, since the idea of the electric charge should already work in the internal range of quarks, but in this field sizes there is no electricity possible. In official physics it is an independent constant of nature, in the new field theory it is a geometric state, which is required in a logical connection with the fourth space dimension and a side effect of oscillation.

    4d-2The charge field is not a separate force, it is one of the 2 states of vector oscillation in 4D. As we shall see later in the description of a proton and neutron, it is an oscillation state of the oscillation perpendicular to x, y, z or into the 4th space dimension.
    The picture shows the 3rd dimension as a blue-yellow checkered area with a field development upwards and downwards into the 4th space dimension. This 3D space shown here as a surface, is affected and bent accordingly by the bent-up´s into the 4D. It becomes the charge field in 3D-space. This but is many thousands of times larger than the field bond to the vector into 4D and consists of an even-numbered 3D field size e.g. 16 ^ 3 or 64 ^ 3.

    oktaeder-tetraederSince everything oscillates in field theory of matrix, nothing is permanent, nothing is univalent, so does the charge. A proton has the charge (-) and (+), depending on its phase. The same goes for electrons. No one can disprove that charge is not a permanent condition, so that a (+) electron with a (-) proton or a (-) proton with a (+) electron would harmonize.

     It becomes much more difficult to represent a neutral charge field. It is basically a 1/2 spin fermion merged with the other 1/2spin fermion, to neutralize the 4D momentum by still keeping the momentum in 3D as the phenomenon of inertia.

    Criticism of the Boson concept

    A boson is the name of particles (now fields) with spin 1. Now that there is no spin, what is it? Spin 1 is equated with (+) (-) oscillation in a cycle of a field that may have different media. The photon is a cycle (+) (-) in the vacuum field space. The gluon is the same, but in the (stationary) field space bound by the proton. It is therefore still in the top of the picture as blue-yellow checkered surface of the 3D space. A Z-boson is also the same, but is in the area of the top image in a higher level at √2/2 into 4D. A W-boson is equal, but is √2/2 the distance into 4D high level above the Z boson surface. Z and W-bosons have values in 4D space and hence mass (inertia).
    Later, we see that the neutralization of the excess forces (phases in the total cycle) happens within the Compton wavelength, i.e. where a field ends and is neutralized. The local fields such as fermions could coexist without gluons because their "points of contact" would be neutral. Although the matrix, as a 3D structure, allows multiple Compton wavelengths in a system, the system is always led to equilibrium. Since the "empty space" is indeed the matrix and the simultaneity produces a local equilibrium (same rhythm of the 4 phases), systems of surplus energy would not need any bosons as links. However, charge fields also have a 5th state, which overlays the 4 color cycle. Therefore, fermions of an atomic nucleus must have distances, which in turn are fields that are considered bosons here.

    Criticism of the concept of kinetic energy

    In principle, there is no direct movement in field theory; the moving fields are only states of cycles of the medium. As with the falling domino stones only the state of falling moves, not the domino-stones (their position remains), so the fields of the matrix do not move themselves, since the "themselves" is indeed the medium, which does not move. The moving fields are only states or phases of the medium. Under this fundamental condition, it becomes difficult for classical physics to imagine a spin or thermal energy. This also apIn particular, in the theory of relativity recognizes each viewer, that in the assumption of propagation through a medium such e.g. as the universal vacuum space, a movement never could be faster than the elasticity of the medium allows (here c). Nevertheless, the question must be clarified: where is the energy (m * v) or the force (m * v ^ 2)? These kinetic energy systems are an increase in the basic vibrational state of the matrix. With this kinetic energy E (E = h * c / F) they form fields of size r (r = h / F) with the frequency F (F = h * c / E). If h = 1, c and F = integer value, then the energy value is always quantized, it means here it has an integer value. Only the conversion to values of our scale yields the hardly readable broken values.

    Criticism of the quark conzept

    oktaeder-diagonaleQuark, that German synonym for something that is actually nothing clear defined, like the soft residue of fermenting milk. Not milk anymore but not cheese, a name for an embarrassment. Quarks have dubious properties such as 1/2 spin (in all directions) or 1/3 or 2/3 charge and can never be observed alone. They have a Compton wave that is about 100 times larger than the proton, even they are supposed to be inside (how?). An exact study of the current state of knowledge on the subject suggests that fundamental errors were made. The field theory showed in the description of the matrix space sizes above, that excess momenta propagate on lines of matrix fields of the same color. Since this happens especially in the centers of the octahedron, it becomes clear that only the 3 directions of the x-x; y-y; and z-z axes could become values. When CERN shatters the shells of protons, the kinetic energies have 3 different states (colors) and 3 different vectors, whose interaction thus always results in 3 different values repeatedly are found in the magnetic fields. But magnetic fields only have (+) and (-) values, thus it causes only 2 "particle", one the double in size of the other. We recognize here that all fields have a Compton size in the area of which the structure of the medium manifests. So it's not a quark-gluon soup. More simply, a quark is one of the 3 highways of a 3-way interchange what can only indicated by 2 (+ and -) values (quarks) in 3 vectors (3 quarks).


    If it comes to the details of MF-Theory, the need of quantification becomes more important. There is the limit of my way of investigation, to stick to logical conclusions instead of experimental research. But science sometimes becomes like a religions. In the halls of our universities rules a highly dialectic, where everything is strictly correlated to knowledge compounds called theories. This knowledge is build piece by piece as a static building and can´t accept any activities at the base. But knowledge never can be static; it is always on the run. Outside the church (pardon: halls) there is freedom of Platonic thinking, that’s the only way for me to follow.

    Gunter Michaelis, Griesbach, den 6.1.2019