T h e    F i e l d    S p a c e

a philosophical approach to physics


The field space as an explanation for everything cannot really explain itself. The theory needs only 2 axioms: space and time. However, the space tension should also be considered axiomatically, since it consist space and time, but is also there base. Spatial tension is the tendency of space and time to revert any deformation to the original state. If the space tension is zero then the space and time would have no values and no reality.


In order to gain values, the space forms a geometric structure that can generate and maintain equilibrium of all the stresses and tensions. By means of a cyclic compensation of tension into a counter-tension, the time also receives its basic elements in the form of cycles. From this point of view, space and time form the frame, which is filled with smaller and smallest space / time particles. These smallest space / time particles can be scaled up to the scale of our normal world, making our space / time world real. It is to be noted that space and time were determined by themselves, they are axioms.

The new concept of Time

Up to the theory of relativity time was absolute, independent of the other physical values. Emanuel Kant said: if you could stop the time, nobody would notice, since no time would have passed. Nassim Haramein said, time exists only by memory and memory could not yet be located in the brain. It is an attempt to build a bridge to consciousness?

Einstein united time and space to space-time. Since then, time is dependent on the energy status of the space. With V = C or the end values ​​of the Schwarzschild equation, time can freeze to zero. It stops. Quantum-theory indicates, that time also is in quants, they interact in cycles.
The theory of the field space continious here and shows the time from an absolutely exciting side. As shown in the matrix chapter, a tetrahedral / octahedral space structure is the most dense filling type of the space. In principle, a space of fields with not gabs. Each field pulsates in a cycle of 4 properties as the field type of a fermion. That means, it shows (+) (-) values ​​on our side of the space and (+) (-) values ​​in the SS (supersymmetry), the other side of the (4D) space. On the SS side, all values ​​are reversed, all vectors (all space coordinates) and even time. This means that time is running backward. In one whole cycle all internal field conditions become balanced with the total of a zero-value.

Each field at the corner points of the tetrahedron has a time-shifted cycle. Since the partial cycle reverses all values ​​on the SS side of the space, it has the same spatially location at as the field with the partial cycle on the side of our space. In the chapter matrix this is represented symbolically by 4 Matric of 12 pointscolors, thus a spatial structure, which is the condition of a maximally packed space. The arrangement of the colors shows (the pix left) that all 12 arms, which connects a field with its 12 neighboring fields, can be brought into an equilibrium with only 4 colors.
Why did our science fail to prove the (-) time? Not quite: In the formation of a (-) and (+) electron by the Compton effect with X-radiation, a backward vector of time is assumed. The same in a Beta decay. Also Feynman diagrams need a (+) (-) time.

It is an assumption at the base of our picture of the world that a 4D space and an SS (supersymmetry) exist. This fulfills the condition of perfect cycles in the smallest and largest. Though what is about the linear flow of time we experience? The answer lies in a huge cycle of cosmic scale. Until Einstein, no one has noticed or questioned the curvature of space. The space was interpreted as linear, on our scale no curvature of the universe was detectable. In this huge cosmic cycle, all beings made of small cycles (matter carring fields) see the flow of time as linear. In the cosmic scale, however, linear time in our cultur becomes the symbol of a serpand that bites itself into the tail.

cycle1All fermions with spin ½ form a perfect cycle that captures space and time. They have their own space and their own time. It should not be forgotten that mass and inertia are phenomena of our space-time, see masse and inertia

All other physical energy- and field-types with spin 1 are partial cycles with a perfect space cycle in a superordinate time cycle. The same applies to gravitation with spin 2, since this is only an effect from the point of view of our instruments, which can never evaluate the wavelength of x lightyears as a whole. Thus, the sinus-curve becomes ∞, (+) and (-) simultaneously exists.

The Space-Time-Continuum

Einstein prooved mathematically that space and time are affected in the same way by the Lorenz factor, which transforms the values ​​to the speed of light as the maximum speed. Many discoveries and results have hardened this theory. But since physics still retains its original concept of time, it has regarded time only as one dimension, a dimension with only a forward direction. They gave the space 3 dimensions in both directions to (+) and to (-). However, a spacecraft flying forward at 90% light speed for 3 years can fly back, but in time the 3-year return wilol add to 6 years . Even the values ​​are correct, this time concept can not explain the mathematical equivalence of the relativity with the space. The "grandfather paradox" forbids any physicist to accept a possible return. Time seems to corrupt the conceptual image of an overall framework, the concsiousness as the big frame.

The Cycle as Equilibrium

Now we recognize that time and space must have a common origin. In this theory of field space it is the axiomatic cycle in the matrix. The recycling of time restores the original spacee and time of the cycle. If this cycle is not embedded in larger cycles, space (the same place) and time (re- turn) would valued to zero. Our world could exists only in relation to superordinate cycles. This is a verry importand recognition. It shows us the direction of our ponderings to understand the way, how concsiousness appears to us. The small basic cycles stand for the reality of space and time, the larger ones for the recognition of space and time, where time appears to us as a linear floating time and space as endless.

A center of time is much more difficult to imagine then a spatial one. A time senter would also allow time (+) and (-). However, there is still a significant difference between space and time. In space I decide the direction: either forward or backward. In time it is not  possible. Why? We have a physical body and a mind. The mind is relativized to a superordinate larger cycle. It recognizes larger areas of the space and can freely decide in it. This does not apply to time. The time cycle is immense, it is unimaginably large. It is the time cycle in which the knowledge of the whole universe is embedded. The space cycles are unimaginably small in relation to this cycle. Their limiting range is the size of electrons. There, too, the free decision of the spatial direction becomes just as impossible as a decision in the time direction.

The relativity of cycles

To put it briefly: The apple in my hand shows me only the positive side of the phenomena space and time, but not the negative side. The (-) side of the space here means the other half (1/2 spin) of the fermions that make up the apple.

Viewing the spin of ½ as a torque rather than a cycle will confuse us and let us forget the logical aquire of a supersymmetry (SS). There, the negative side (from our prospect) conceal equal parts of space and time. While space has a (+) (-) clycle on each side, time needs to cycle all two sides (spin 1) to become equilibrium. That is the reason, why time on our side of the SS has only one direction.

The full freedom of decision in space and time lies solely in consciousness. While the space is always relativized by a reference point, no reference point is set in time. This is because our consciousness has a time cycle beyond our imagination, while the space around us is manifested already by the size of an electron as a reference.

The big cycle

Our world is based on the smallest space-time cycles wichf forms further superordinate cosmic cycles, which lead science to theories of the "Big Bam" or to the "big crunch". Indian Vedas call it the great "nothing" or "unconscious", which could only be interpreted here with the smallest cycles of perfect harmony as an absolute bondage and thus non-consciousness. Interestingly, our science interprets a condensation of the cosmos to the smallest possible as the highest thermal entropy. The theory of the field space, however, sees here the cascade downshifting of the field space structure into smaller scalings and therefore the reduction of fluctuatings or (from a philosophical point of view) the enlargement of harmony and thus to tider bonds of freedom.

From a cosmic point of view, time is shifted down to near zero status and then it re-emerged after passing the zero point as a new cosmos of a supersymmetry. On our side of the cosmos will begin a completely equal period from non-consciousness to the highest freedom of the mind. It is the greatest cycle we can see, so great that time appears as straight parallel lines.

It should be keep in mind that we are embedded in several mega cycles. Our next environment has an electro-magnetic mega-cycle, which in turn is in a gravitational cycle, what its true nature is also electrdynamic. Further cycles between the Sun and "Sagittarius A", the center of our galaxy and between all of the galaxies are still unknown cycles and culminate to values, that a sequence in the time flow is not possible. Consequently, the time becomes visible as a fantastic formation of many cycles of (+) and (-) time flows. The theoretical reference framework of our science here is still slumbering in a medieval attidute.

T h e   p e r f e c t   c y c l e

The serpent, which bites itself into the tail is an ancient symbol of a cycle. Nevertheless, tail and head is not the same. It is a cycle that can not be repeated without the assumption that it is part of an even larger cycle. The head transforms itself to the tail, but remembers the pre-cycle, so the new cycle is a new quality. Geometrically, it is a spiral. The spiral axis is part of a much larger cycle. To understand the true depth of the meaning of the term cycle, it must be possible to explain all processes of our world as cycles. This can only be a purely theoretical requirement, since the smallest partial cycles are inbedded in superordinate cycles.

Thoughts on the meaning and significance of the greatest cycles in our world give us a concept, which prescribes the direction of thought, from our prospect. A way of thinking that leads us to the smallest cycles that become a paradigm and give us an idea of time, just as the matrix gives a paradigm of space. The smaller the cycle, the more perfect it becomes.

Physics of the Cycle

The smallest structure of the field space is the matrix or spatial arrangement of the smallest fields (like the idea of Planck's distance). There are space-points, which are arranged by alternating compression / depression in a way, that all neighbors have reverse values. The logic of the equilibrium requires 4 states of a field, whereby the field with 12 neighboring fields is in an equilibrium. The search for a thought-model inevitably leads to the assumption of a supersymmetry (SS). With the assumption of the SS, a field cycle has the following 4 states:

State 1 = Compression on our side of space
State 2 = Depression on our side of space (state 1-2 is 1/2 spin of fermions)
State 3 = compression in SS
State 4 = Depression in SS (state 3-4 is the "missout" 1/2 spin of fermions)

These 4 states create an equilibrium in an arbitrary field cluster. They oscillate at the same time and form a perfect cycle together with the backward running time. The perfect equilibrium was the original demand for a harmonic invisible space of the highest tension (space-time force), from which all the phenomena that form our world emerge. This requires the expansion of a spatial domain to its zero tension, the compression of the space up to the maximum tension, the transforming of the tension occurring there over a zero time into a backward running time and from there into the deflation of the space / tensio until again zero tension. The perfect cycle.

Philosophy of the cycle
A perfect arrangement (matrix) of the space structure in perfect cycles and equilibrium produces the absolute harmony, but also the absolute unfreedom. The higher these structures are scaled, the smaller the binding forces involved, the greater the possibilities for mutation, the greater the freedom, but the greater the possible chaos. At the end of this thought the absolutely free spirit stands apart from absolute chaos. At this point the mind separates from chaos. The chaos, however, without the force of the mind is compressed with the universal force to an absolute equilibrium, the cycle begins from the beginning.

It is pitty that philosophy today is not physics and the other way round. It is the mechanistic thinking and ignorance, which separates both..

The 4 dimensional space as a pulsating field

As in the Fieldspace are explained, reality of 3D-space can only exist in a 4D space frame. What are the indications, that proof the physic of 4D space?

There is the explanation of Einstein's space-time. In what otherway space can warp than in to the 4.dimension.

The nature of all fermions gives us a good explaination by including 4D space in the consideration. We know, that electromagnetic fields are culminate, sum up or cancel eachother, what is not happen with fermions. A space fluctuation with a vektor to 4D, a tensor where is rectangular to all 3D coordinates, would match the acquire. The fields wouldn't culminate with neighbouring fields and thus obey Pauli's exclusion principle.

Gravity needs to be explained by the 4D space. It is a warping to the hyperspace. Further information you find in Gravity 

Why Black Holes can’t exist

Even 100 years ago, Einstein knew that masses of huge size dilute time up to the frozen state. Simultaneously geometric lengths are shortened toward the centre of mass to allmost zero. In short, because of the infinite inertia at very high mass values, the location of the mass centre can no longer be moved, a black hole has invariable space coordinates, it fixes the relative space and makes it absolute.
If cosmological black holes were fixed, galaxies could not have a crossover or move to something like a big attractor, what astrology predicts, if the Haramein-atomic-holes were fixed in the subatomic size range, then Haramein wouldn’t be able to move. 
In the Field theory a Black Hole is adequately replaced by the octave-moderated staggered densities to almost infinite density without producing a singularity.

Die Theory of the standing wave

Actually instead of "wave" should be a pulsating field with periodically changing conditions and instead of "standing" a field with fluctuationspeed C' = <C . According to the standard model, a pulsating field can not be slower than C if it is not held by something. The gravitational field of the earth is held by the earth, the electric field of the conductor, the magnetic field of the magnet, the atomic charges of atomic nuclei, etc. Everything is held by something of mass. Fields are fixed by mass. Only: who fix the mass?

The present theory of field spaces, which is ultimately based only on the axioms of space and time, and sees space and time as space-time, and therefore a theory of a single axiom, sees mass only as a phenomenon of spatial density. For better understanding, a field behavior in "normal" space, i.e. the so-called electromagnetic 3D space. The amplitude of a quantum is peaked 9 times (zone 1).

It is a normal case of an energy discharge with a certain frequency. The discharge occurs like a normal light source with the intensity of E = e / d ^ 2, where d is the distance from the source. Only when the overtension E is reduced and d has reached a certain distance, E quantifies to   e = frequency * h and escapes as photons. Such cases all have the speed of C and culminate with each other. This scenario can never be used as an explanation of particle as standing waves. Standing waves like fermions do not culminate, they obey the exclusion law and move with V<C.
These classical laws are based on a space with the properties of h and C. These values are theoretically unfounded and purely experimental. They are the signs of our space. As shown above, there are still other spaces or other qualities of the same space, which have different h1 and C2 . When the stability of our space breaks down, the peak of the energy pulse penetrates into the range of an other spatial quality and is subject to the laws there The density of the space is considerably greater, the ratio of h2, as the red line shows, is steeper, and on the basis of the density, the relativity theory predict a smaller time and C than in our space. The point of transition causes a kink that could theoretically be represented in this way but could also be parabolic rounded, which only could demonstrated by experiments. The distance d1 is the time when the amplitude of space 2 changes from (+) to (-) and the momentum space 1 is neutralized thus it cannot flow further into the room. The resultant d is at the same time the fundamental frequency of the Fermion. The graph is very general and does not take into account the quantum effect, which is also present in space 1 and 2.
The space density of our space is assumed to be the same everywhere, but is different in the vicinity of massive objects. Here, however, we speak only about the transition from normal space into a space of much greater density, the point of transition of which is inside a fermion. The Fermion therefore has two faces, one to our space and one to the higher density space. Since we can only measure things related to our space, all measurements in the LHC systems lead to irritating results. It is clear that the field space theory is not limited to 2 spatial qualities. Downwards as well as upward, additional spaces of different densities must be assumed. Singularity can't achieved. We have to see clearly that we are the rather thin Flux on massive spatial densities and thus have no direct possibilities to directly control the other spaces in the experimental sense in the same sense as Heissenberg's uncertainty theorem.

the perfect cycleThe above scenario is only apparent from the prospect of our 3D space. If the density of space exceeds its elastic capacity, then the space structure bends into the 4th dimension. Quantum mechanically, and from the point of view that everything happens by momenta, the bending into the 4th dimension also results in a return of the space tension bending in the opposite direction. This in turn fulfills the condition of an equilibrium. A fermion is thus a field with a vibration vector in the 4th dimension. This event therefore calls for a counterpart, as also a sheet must have a back side. A paper without a back side would not be 3-dimensional and therefore not real. The fourth space dimension therefore requires the supersymmetry, the back side of our 3D space.

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