T h e    F i e l d    S p a c e

a philosophical approach to physics

Physics of the field space

Since Euclid the space has been empty and without properties. From the 19th century the space was seen as a carrier of fields, especially Faraday's electromagnetic fields. He was no longer empty and was seen as ether (after Maxwell). Since the Michelson-Morley experiment of the constant speed of light the idea of ether could not be maintained. Einstein considered him again as empty and without any physical properties. Light was therefore seen as particles with wave-mechanical properties, which actually contradicts itself.

To this day this view is still considered as true. However, space was once again the carrier of power fields even so the use of the term "field" doesn't really make sense. Instead, the fields were again mathematically considered as particles (gauge bosons). However, it became increasingly difficult to consider space as empty. It ended up being depicted as a sea of virtual particles and antiparticles. It became even more absurd to speak of a vacuum of unimaginable magnitude, the dilemma was complete.
string space
I do not want to go into it, but introduce here a solution. String theory has some approaches. There the various energy variables are defined as 11 dimensions (3 spatial dimensions + 6 property dimensions + time), they are solving many problems. Only, what are the strings made of and what is between them? As the most promising counter-candidate, Einsteinís field theory still applies to me. A field is a space realm; Einstein saw it as a 4D space-time continuum. Dr. P. Laviolette considered the space as a pure theorem, as the carrier of an absolute reference framework, which in turn is the carrier of relative frameworks, which represent the relativistic (but not physical) space. The actual physical space is formed by its filling of "etherons."
field space
Space as a theorem, nothing could be said from a logical point of view, since it is a limit of thought such as zero or infinite. In the following, therefore we will only talk about what fills the space. Through its fields of distinguishable properties, the space is now described as a field space. The field space is relativistic, i.e. its measuring results are related to themselves or to the reference field in which the measurement is made. Since fields culminate with other fields , superimposed properties must also be defined as a reference. Here are E = energy, M = mass, S = spin, D = space dimensions and time. As the following descriptions show, the 4th space dimension becomes necessary. However, it is logical that there must be more than 4 dimensions. It becomes even more complicated that there could be spatial structures from 1D, 2D 3D possible, etc., which form higher dimensions in their entire structure and refer to them. For example, a paper that has been crumpled to a ball can refer to a ball instead of a 2D surface. In this case, the 2D form would have to have an opposite side, in physics the supersymmetry. We could therefore deduce that the necessity of supersymmetry in particle physics proves, that our field space could be considered as 4D.

4 dimensional space

In a 4D view of our 3D space (for example, here as a 3D surface), the space can be seen as divided into 3D layers, each is presented by a base frequency. Our layer is the base of our whole communicative world with its own quantum-size, the Planck h. It also have a fundamental frequency (f = E / h). The phase length of this frequency would be the smallest possible dimension (Planck's length). The true length cannot be ascertained today, since science does not acknowledge an octave-like division of the matrix space. Their spatial structure is described in more detail in chapter Matrix. As the theory of harmony in music, fluctuations of field cells, which are formed by a base frequency, produce again field cells of larger dimensions and smaller frequencies, which form our world as particles or fields.
Since the space is real and consists of itself, it has no emptiness. The ocean of virtual particles and the "vacuum energy" are the properties of space cells. The units of their measurement are the smallest in the electromagnetic field.  As described in "Matrix", all field cells are scalable, and could also be subdivided into even smaller field cells. The tension of our field space is subdivided into discrete areas of the same nature, i. e. the region of the photons has the same nature as the region of the gluons, but this region of course is out of reach of our communications system.

The supersymmetry

Supersymmetry is not only equal, but even the same like our 3-dimensional world of phenomena. How can it imaginated? Here an example. If a 3-dimensional state is assumed, then a page could be presented as a paper. A 2-dimensional page would not be real like everything in our world if it is NOT 3D. That's why our 3D world wouldn't be real, if their true nature wouldn't be 4D. 3D ONLY is real if it is 4D. There are too many indications who only can explained with a 4D-assumtion. Just as the paper side in 3D has to have a bottom side, so our space in the 4D option must have an opposite side. This is not another location and has the same spatial XYZ values. There, all values are reversed, time, space and puls.
Each atom, every electron and all subatomic parts with a cycle of Ĺ (old expression = spin) circles from our world into supersymmetry (SS) and back. Otherwise they would have a barely imaginable short life span in Pica seconds. The other half of their cycle is in SS. There, all values are reversed, time, space and puls. Fermions with Ĺ period (old is called = spin) have a full balance of internal tension as (+) (-). The time, however, requires both sides of the space for a full cycle. Thus time in our world or side of the cycle it can only go forward, while in SS time goes alway backward.
Electrons among all fermions, are particles (correct = fields of the matrix), which are internally balanced (they have only vectors from and to the centre), and demonstrate best the property of the same space in the "electron orbit" (again a false concept, orbit is used here only for the sake of understanding), thatís why the number of electrons in the 1. orbit is 2, one in our side and one in the SS. This orbit carries 2 electrons, because they share the same yxz of space using 1/2 shifted cycles.

Photons and bosons do not vibrate in the 4-dimensional space and have their compensation per period in one direction. (+) and (-) time are in one line up.  They are simultaneousness in both sides, here and inf the SS.

The philosophical question arises: Can the deterministic conditions of an equilibrium system build up more than one world based in harmony? With other words: Can a correct equation have more than one result? Well, we talked about our 3D world so far. We have so far talked about a basis as the universal law of a world which is only roughly calculable. We talked about a system that allows us to understand the incomprehensible. The higher dimensions were not taken into account. The record of the past was not taken into account. The preceding cycles of the cosmic super-cycle were not taken into account.

This is actually the real reason why classical science invented the Big Bang, though they had a beginning. This is the real reason why they favoured the Black Hole, there is a different exit to "God". They replaced the influence of higher dimensions and worlds with the Copenhagen Declaration, what roughly assumed, that there is a absolute chaos on the base of the smallest instead of harmony, the values of research were degraded to probable values.

In field theory, things are the reverse. At the base, in the smallest, in the matrix, there is the greatest harmony. Disharmonies would not survive the next Pica second. Harmony could be considered as bound unfreedom. Only in the larger cycles, where the forces are smaller and the time elements are greater, does disharmony take place as a measure of freedom of decision. There, however, can be decided freely for the harmony towards an superordinate cycles or chaos. The harmony and solidarity at the base is a legacy of the past cycles, the decision in the larger scaled cycles create the fulfilment of the great cycle, a decision gate to further worlds.

The standing wave

Standing waves in normal prospect are waves in 3D, which can reflect and interacted at certain places. Here, however, a wave is described what oscillates rectangular to 3D in to the 4D space and cannot therefore propagate in the surrounding 3D. The "Pauli exclusion principle" e.g. prevents the fermions, although they are fields, to culminate like bosons. Instead of calling out a principle, it is here the 4th spatial dimension what explains this. A field (e.g. Fermion) with a vibration vector rectangular to 3D field space does not culminate with other fields in 3D space. However, the quantum mechanical description of a standing wave should be explaint later.


The CERN experiments are only evaluated as electromagnetic values. It must be taken into account that some of the energies go into the 4th spatial dimension. E.g. if in too small regions too high energies are generated, which cannot be compensated quickly enough by the speed of C into the surrounding area, a curvature is created in the view of 4D space. There, the increased space-tension has C' smaller C. The evaluation can no longer be made in electromagnetic 3D space. Thatís why bosons become mass even with spin 1.


All fermions have a vibration vector in the 4th dimension. It creates a compression / depression of such strength in 3D space, which cannot compensate by C and thus evades the adjacent parallel 3D spaces (vector 4D) and becomes values there. That because, before the oscillation to 4D-up is neutralized with the speed of C, it resonates back into 4D-down, which is here considered as supersymmetry. The energy held in this 4D oscillation is such large enough, that C' there is slower than C of the environment (relativity) this according to the size of the 4D-vector. The result is the effect as mass and inertia, the building stuff of fermions.


Dr. Paul Laviolette's subquantum mechanics opened many explanations for astrophysics. The evidence is sufficient, his theory deserves a firm position in physics. However, I believe that his explanation of gravity requires too many statements. In the solution I introduce here, the 3D space itself should be responsible for this. The fermions distort the 3D surface, making ripples of our perceptible space in the 4D view in such a way that the field space contracts where there are large collections of fermions (small humps in the 3D surface). This, in turn, causes a space vacuum which acts as an attraction. The long range wavelength of gravitation makes it practical impossible to controll it. Nevertheless the field-center of gravity are placed in short distances of the atoms of matter and are controllable in the electro-magnetic space. Thus the deformation of the 4D field space are able to become modified in an electromagnetic way. The shift of 1/2 distance of the fieldpattern will produce energy and cancel gravity at the same time. There is a lot of research going on in that direction, but I never heard any explanation. See further information in Gravity.

Geometry of space

An empty space has no geometry, as such it can not exist. An empty space with an external geometry is like a gap, not real, but with real limits. The space that forms the base of our world is real, like our world, because it is based on it. It is the medium that creates the forces that form our world. All things in our world are relativized to themselves. We can measure them, but the measurments are also from our world, we have measured the world with itselves. In short, our world must be a communicative social network. What does not communicate is not present or vice versa, countless worlds must exist, but without communication to us. A possible bridge can be the structure of our world as part of a larger structure that could be the base of other worlds.
In my paper "Matrix" I showed in pure theory a tetra-octahedral geometry. The coordinate system derived there would, as a consequence of the individual forms, be a coordinate system with 6 axes u; v; w; x; y; z. Only integers would be needed. The space in this geometry consists of cells of size 1, which could have only values 1, 2, 3, ---- ∞ along the 6 axes. The distance from a random cell to a random centre would be mathematically too complex. Therefore, this geometry makes only sense for smallest space parts. For the scale in our world we should speak of the 3D space with 3 axes x, y and z, the distances of which can be represented from one point to the other by √x≤ + x≤ + z≤. But again, results by this equation with decimal values smaller than 1 wouldn't make any sense in the scale of the matrix.


The proposed field space with the inner base structure of tetrahedron / octahedron must be scalable. That is, all forms in their multiplication must yield to themselves, tetrahedra, and octahedra. The unit distance 1, the distance between 2 points, must result in the multiplication of whole integers between 1 and ∞. There must be a relation of distances between points of the space in the sense of harmonic tones such as Ĺ = octave, etc., so that a harmonic world can exist by the superposition of frequencies.

Field Dynamics

The question is; Do you have to move through a field structure of unit fields from field to field (propagate) or do you have to push the fields to the side as atoms do in our normal world. The answer is simpler than the explanation. The fields propagate or moved depending on their conditions. Assuming the space with an internal tension what allows a pulse reproduction with C, then it is hard to imagine that an atom can move through such a hard space structure. If a bug is enclosed in amber, he will be locked up motionless forever. The only applicable idea for us would be that the field area is very soft, where we again would be drawn back to the ether-idea of the 19th century.
If but atom cores propagate, why do they move in our normal world by pushing the environmental atoms away, since they are also fields? As is shown above in paragraph Standing wave, fermions do not culminate in principle. They are however able to propagate from field to field. This is because that the vibration with the vector towards the 4th dimension in the 3rd dimension acts as a field property (mass, inertia) of the electromagnetic fields. The field of fermions allows a culmination in the 3D-Space. The centre of the field (with a vector to 4D) does not. This does not mean that the field around the centre does not propagated. It should be mentioned here that a quark consists of a centre oscillation of a zycle Ĺ (previously called spin) , a torque of the electric charge and a field compensation region of the size of a gluon. To move in the field space, the field hierarchy "Quark" will propagate in the field space from cell to cell and be decelerated from the central oscillation of the cycle Ĺ to V smaller C.
It must be keep in mind that this process does not happen at the lowest level of the basic space structure but in the higher scaled area.

Hierarchies of field space

In my paper "Matrix" I spoke of a logical structure of space. However, this is only to be understood as a structure of a certain scale. Our scale e.g. is known as the electrodynamic space with the properties of the momentum h and the speed C: h = pulse x wavelength or in technical terms h = E/f. In our contex h = pulse x the unit field distance of  our underlying matrix. The matrix would be the beginning of all magnitudes and theoretically to be compared with Planck's magnitude. It is only responsible for the possible 3D space. The physical electro-magnetic region is a megastructure higher in the hierarchy. This megastructure has a fundamental frequency and spatial density which allow the propagation velocity C and in principle, contains further substructures of 3 aggregate states known to us. In addition we could expect at least two more.
One has to imagine the 3D space in such a way, that the basic structure and all megastructures are in a harmoniously symmetrical relationship to one another, thus creating a whole communication area. This is finite (limmited) and is bounded by les harmonic regions. In the 4D space, the parallel worlds will exist in a similar form and will not be without affecting our world as well as vice versa. There may also be hierarchical structures, e.g. a quality such as "true" "absolute" on one side and "illusory" "relative" on the other. There may be a fixed absolute field structure as base of a fluctuating and more illusory world. When scaling a basic fine structure to micro-, macro- and megastructures, a perfect harmony or total chaos could be conceived at the upper end. By transforming harmony of the upper regions into the lower regions, a transformation could be produced as ascension (to the divine, if religious concepts are more agreeable), or vice versa.

Source of all beings

A flock of birds (murmuration) Does it show the dynamics of geomagnetic fields, or is it a spirit that has a bath in bird souls or both? The space model shown above was displayed as a hierarchy from bottom to top. There were boundaries without any bridges. Here now I like to round off the model. Principally, a down-top hierarchy could not develop because no direction was specified. Clearly, a "big bang" scenario can be thought, whose expiration is open. A ball can be thrown; the output could result in the clashing of glass or in the "goal" yelp of thousands. That would not correspond to my attitude. Basically, the world process in such a case would not even be a process, but only something like a hit. All I know of ourselves, nature and the world is a process developing downwards and upwards, which can be understood only through the influence of harmony into disharmony (or vise versa). Yes, destruction downward can also be caused by a higher order force.
The archetype of a dark world with a radiant sun above, in which everything strives upward, from the dark area of earth to bright fields of the sky, requires a counter-pole of the matrix space. Since harmony is communicative, I assume that the matrix-effect becomes zero at the upper end of the conceivable scaling of our space model. There will be an unimaginable clarity and harmony. Like in springtime our sun slowly penetrates into deeper more chaotic regions bringing warmth wisdom and life. Everywhere in this framework are two forces which are running a process with a certain direction. In our world, the process clearly seems to be moving towards harmony. How forces of this harmonization establish themselves in this field space will probably remain a secret. There is at least in our world-field-area the tendency to harmony, which we call life-force.

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