T h e    F i e l d    S p a c e

a philosophical approach to physics

The Matrix, a basic structure of space

It is a logical condition that, in prospect of the large number of phenomena that make up our world, classification in groups would bring more clarity. These groups can in turn be cascaded in overlaying groups and serve as an explanation to broaden understanding. Understanding becomes the dimension of the depth of experience, the deeper the understanding, the more structured the order of the groups. The result of such a determination would be a megastructure, in which all individual structures find their logical explanation. This will end up in only one explanation what explains everything and makes all phenomena of our existence as a variant of this one explanation.

The science of our civilization is the representative of logical explanatory structures. Not all structural elements fit seamlessly, there are some dark zones. The physicists know this and work intensively on a "Grand Unified Theory" (GUT). Unfortunately, old well documented paradigma block the way. The 2500-year theory of Democritus states that the world consists of atoms moving in an empty space. This was so simple in logic that this basic idea of the world is still in the heads of those, who are in the sacred halls of our universities. Outside however, it was no longer valid. Tesla "the deceived genius" was one of the researchers and inventors, whose knowledge is now carried on with the so-called "Black Projects". Many "backyard hobbyists" contributed to today's new insights, which can only be passed on in whisper.

Well, what are the paradigm what could not be released from official science? Lorentz, Einstein and Planck proved by their mathematical description that an empty space was conceivable, but ether with real physical properties could not. However, Einstein (1920 University of Leiden) said: "According to general relativity theory, the space is endowed with physical qualities; therefor it exists in this sense an ether." This duality, ether is compellingly required (gravity, the existence of the metric and the “Einstein clocks”) on the one hand and on the other the mathematical condition that the space itself can’t have any physical properties, became for the next hundred years an unsolvable problem.

Only a very small trick would have solved the problem:
Instead of "empty" should be "Equilibrium" and instead of "move" should be "propagate".

scalable matrix Let us remain in this framework; "empty" is, when nothing is noticed. For example:A neutrino, coming from the sun, flying through the whole earth, simply did not notice the earth. It has not come across with any of Earth's atoms. A space where nothing is pushed is perceived as empty. Einstein realized that gravity is in principle the same as to push something or to be pulled by something. He said "in this sense, space is ether". That means that the softness of such a gravitational thrust would only require a very soft medium. This created a duality in the concept space as a medium. He attempted to solve this duality with his field theory, but found it unthinkably that space, which can transmit on one hand a supreme energy (and mass) in the force fields of the CERN LHC, on the other hand lets pas through giant stars seemingly without friction. To put it simple, the medium which transfers the impact force between hammer and nail can't be soft like rubber. The solution is: Everything what moves, propagates from space cell to space cell. Space (the medium) is the hardest and has the greatest internal tension, all other things in space are fluctuations of this inner tension. Therefore nothing can be greater than the inner tensions of this medium, the speed of propagation never can be faster than the propagation of this inner tension, what means here the speed of the light.

We have here an unambiguous transmission of the original idea of Democritus into an idea that everything is actually only fluctuation of an univeral medium. Paul Laviolette said, "All is flux," meant the same, but spoke further of the "ether", which is rather inappropriate after hundreds of years where ether was considered as a thin fluid. I truly regard Paul Laviolette as a very competent scientist, whose theory of the "subquantum cinetics" reveals us many ways of explanations about different levels of our existence. Nassim Haramein used the idea of a ”unite field of pure energy”. "The space is not an empty container, but a structured, high-energy field" ("Haramein-Rauscher-Metric"). Haramein depicted this space-energy-equilibrium as a tetrahedral structure, which he like to compared with the flower of life.

Well, the terms "space", "field", "ether" etc. show too little of the actual nature of this universal medium. For this reason, I used the term "universal diamond" just to trigger my comprehension to depict space in its real unimaginable hardness. All things happening in the space, often referred as the space of matter, consist essentially only of the properties of space, e.g. of its fluctuations and became the illusion of matter, a term used too by wise teachers. When e.g. Carlos Castaneda tells us about his mentor Juan Matus that he can move from one world to another, then it is either pure fiction or he really changes the level of illusion. I take such stories seriously and would not be satisfied if the matrix of the field space, the ultimate explanation, would not allow it.

For most of us, this idea hurts. Here is a more precise description of the idea: Space consists of space cells, which are later specified as a matrix. These cells exist by a pattern of standing waves (see standing wave), which are oscillating into the 4th space dimension. To get a picture, we just imagine 3D-space as a 2D-surface. This surface, however, has bumps or waves who are deviations from the 0-level expressed as +/- magnitudes into the 4th spatial dimension. We have to imagine that this 3D-surface is a layer of surface tension and actually exists even in the 4D-space. Even we cal it area it is a solid layer. In other hand a layer is not an area, it is a 3D region with a surface on top and below. This applies to all dimensions. Thus, a point (dimension 0) is also 4-dimensional in our concept, it otherwise wouldn't be real. This is important because each lower dimension is basically the matrix of the next higher one. In our 3D / 2D concept (in which we see 3D as a 2D-surface spatially), we could see the wave peaks as a pattern represented by 4 colours. For the sake of clarity we can present the 4 colours as:
(+)time compression as colour 1,
(+)time depression as colour 2,
(-)time compression as colour 3,
(-)time depression as colour 4.
I used the time-argument, becaus this cells are pure cycles, as I will explain in The Cycle as Equilibrium. Each tetrahydron (group of 4) sum up to zero.
colour 1-2 = 0
colour 3-4 = 0
time (+) (-) = 0
4-colour equilibrium
They are a pattern of standing waves and do not culminate (as we see later on in "the field space"), but become neutralized as equilibrium. As a matrix they are the smallest things with the sum values = 0, they are an equilibrium and are the limits of possible deviations from zero up to the inner highest tension of the matrix. This depiction shows us things who are  extremely difficult to imagine:

1. It shows a space of highest tension that is carrying a world who can't detect it.
2. Our world is formed only on one side of the 3D-surface made of cells with colour 1 and 2
3. The other side of the 3D surface is the "anti space", its cells have reverse values (colour 3 and 4).
4. This implies a supersymmetry of all matter, evidence found in physical reserch.
5. The spin number of each cell is ½, the whole cycle (spin 1) is produced by the cells of the supersymmetry that also have spin number ½.
6. The vibrations perpendicular to the dimension plane produce standing waves (4D-vector).
7. The matrix therefore needs at least 4 spatial dimensions + time.
8. All things in our world are deviations of the matrix, they are forces riding the matrix.
9. Light velocity is the sound velocity of the matrix as a medium.
10. The matrix can only be controlled by forces that are not of the matrix.
11. The field-space of the matrix (3D-area) is a layer in the 4D-space here the hyperspace.

The old mechanistic picture of our physical world is here substituted by a much more sensitive idea of a fluctuating wave-mechanical world, but it was always our world, a world which shows itself to us through our own means of control. To this world belong 4 (or more) aggregate states (plasma, gas, liquid, solid). We cannot control higher conditions directly. Why? We ourselves and all our tools are made of electromagnetic interactions (atomic shells or electromagnetic fields). The nuclear core can therefore not be directly controlled. Other conditions such as those of bosons and quarks can only be detected by their traces in electromagnetic fields (cloud chamber). If we assumption we could only see 2 aggregate states, gas / liquid, then we would only see in the play of dolphins the waves and splashes on the water, not the dolphins. This is when we try to understand other aggregate states. In fact, there are other aggregate states that will allow us in future to explain gravity as well as events we regarded still today as metaphysical. Today's research in the "Black Projects" has known a kind of cold fusion as the another aggregate state since the Philadelphia Project 1943 (a "Black Project" parallel to the "Manhattan Project", the development of the atomic bomb).
In order to understand the relationships of aggregate states, the structures of there force which effect such states, they should be examined more closely. We get a more clear idea if the spatial zones of tensions around an atomic core is considered as fields. These can culminate, cancel (as in the matrix) or exist as different qualities side by side (such as a swing into the 4th dimension with the effect as compression / depression in the 3rd dimension and a torque what is to day considered as electrical charge).

The geometry of the matrix

The first condition of the spatial geometry of our field space is a structure of spatial locations with equal distances, which thus fill the space optimal and evenly.

Polyhedra with many edges and corners don't match this condition, they are empty inside. If a convolute of about 1000 steel balls are filled into a bag, the balls will use the narrowest space. Imagine to connected lines between the centres of the balls, surprisingly you will find not only tetrahedra but also octahedra. Despite this mixture of basic forms, it fits the condition of equal distances completely. In order to achieve the same interval of colours over the whole 3D-space structure, only one structur of combining tetrahydra and octahydra is possible. Tetrahydra are per space unit in volum 1/2 but in numbers are dopple. Depending where you place the coordinate system, parallel to wich plane, your eye will sees tetrahydra with gaps in the shape of octahydra or vise versa.

The tetrahedron and the octahedron have in there interior only unit distances of their edge length. If these building blocks are multiplied (scaled), they always produce themselves in multiplied size. We have here a space with places (points) of equal distances, which again and again multiplied, will only create the basic form. The structure is scalable.

The second condition is that the values ​​of the space locations do cancelled each other. We add to our image the fact that the space places are space cells and thus fields. These are neutralized when the sum of the cell-values becomes zero. This condition requires 4 qualities of the cells. Any quality can also be presented as a colour. The color 1 and 2 would be the oscillation in our time line, colour 3 and 4 is the oscillation in the (-)time line. With the cycles of 4 qualities, the space adds up to zero. See futher information in The perfect sycle.

The field space as en equilibrium

In contrast to the term space, the concept of space also includes the concepts of time and energy. It therefore stands for space, time, energy for all three axioms. It is responsible for all things in our world. It stands hypothetical for space and time that form the field and results in the concept of energy (or vibration) and field tension. The geometric arrangement of the fields is described in the article “Matrix” geometry of space. The field is principly assumed as a spherical space with a diameter D=1. The active field of tension has , of course, many diameters, distances which are in harmonic relation. The area of effects is called the action-field. This actionfields of the same diameter to their center can in turn form further geometric matrix-systems with larger / smaller distances and with corresponding smaller / larger field tensions. (Energy quants, E=h×f or h=p×wavelength) Here are shown in the matrix structure fields on a assumed base (unit = 1 and further fields of activity (unit = 2, 4, 8. The frequency decreases upwards, the wave length increases, whereby the point distance to each other principle always remains the same. The same mechanics can be presented in the reverse direction, the matrix forming the geometric communication system relative to itself. A matrix in the lower or higher region perpendicular to one another forms contiguous worlds in the sense of cause and effect, e.g. The matrix in the quark area (bosons as energy carriers) as a cause for the chemical area (photons as energy carriers). These communication levels are here the field tension. It is the medium, or the carrier substance, for a coherent world such as chemistry by the electro-magnetic forces. A carrier substance must be the resting part of a dynamic process. Here it is equilibrium of different types of tensions. As shown in the matrix article, equilibrium is created by 4 properties, respectively, 2 types of tensions, shown below as 4 colours or 4 combinations of properties. In theory of a hypothetical system, 2 tensions could be thought, one as compression and depression of the field.
The other as a fluctuation into the 4th space dimension with a tensor perpendicular to the 3D space, creating the effect of time. The 4 colours were represented as tetrahedrons with a distance 1 to the field centres, which appear within a spin in 4 combinations The dimension with spin ½ here as 4D-up and 4D-down. The large fields are referred to here as 3D-C (3D Compression) and 3D-D (3D-Depression). This gives the 4 properties: 4D-up, 3D-compression, 4D-down, 3D-depression.  The above illustration shows the 3D space from the top (from the perspective of the 4D space) with an inserted section, which represents the 4th dimension in height. The underlying illustration shows as a section in the 4D through the 3D space as a surface and explains schematically the 3D-space-surface states with the different colours and properties.

Colour 1: Compression in 3D space above the 3D sheat of 4D space or (+)time.
Colour 2: Depression in 3D space above the 3D sheat of 4D space or (+)time.
Colour 3: Compression in 3D space beneath the 3D sheat of 4D space or (-)time.
Colour 4: Depression in 3D space above the 3D sheat of 4D space or (-)time.
It must be taken into account that a bulge in the 4D space means a massive release in 3D space. At the same time, it is shown that the 3D space also has certain depth in the view of 4D-space, which separates it from the supersymmetry. It should be kept in mind that all processes are performed in 3D space. This means that it is a 4D tensor in 3D space. The field dynamics has here two types of behaviour; one is the field propagation in 3D space and the other transformation of values in 3D by the 4D tensor.

Transformation of spacegeometry and its cycles

Figur 1: A picture of the tetrahedra with octahedra (red lines), the octahedral with a colour-sphere in the centre symbolizing a corrupt state of equilibrium (it needs 4 cycles to become an equilibrium) and by this new basic frequency of 4 sequences it becomes a new spatial structure of octahedra. This new spatial structure transforms the space geometry of the tetrahedra, which consists

of 3 coordinate axes of 60° in an orthogonal space structure (ortho space) with the 3 axes X, Y, Z as known to us. No single angle is changed. With a CAD, the ortho space can simply be moved into the tetrahedron space by changing the coordinates. The different angle of the ortho space arises only because the centre of the equilibrium has other connecting lines to the edges and only 3 colour balls (here white, red, yellow). Figure 2 shows both spaces at a different angle, with both types of space in the same coordination system. In the ortho space, this angle does not irritate, but it does especially in the tetrahedron space (it is still a tetrahedron).
What do the images show to us? It is clear that the ortho space as a general structure can be fully integrated into the tetrahedron space. The distances there are the prime-distances = 1 × √2 and ~ 1.414, respectively. The philosophical question arises: Can space structures be responsible as a new basis of worlds? Are the different angles of the coordination axes like a new dimension? Are dimensions ultimately aligned illusions?
To meet the conditions of equilibrium, the cycles in which time acts as a unit, time quantum must be assumed. In the tetra-space, the distances are axiomatically given by the value 1. A basic cycle of the value 1 must be accepted . In the ortho space, because of only 3 colours it needs 4 cycles to approach an equilibrium.

How can these processes be visualized in the tetra- and ortho-space?
Imagine a miraculous camera that can receive the light from the frequency of the cycles and even higher frequencies. 3 shots are taken.
Recording 1: Frequency > cyclic frequency = the space looks exactly like the tetra-space
Recording 2: Frequency = cycle frequency = the space disappears because of the equilibrium of the colour balls (properties). However, the ortho space with its red spheres remains visible as centres of its equilibrium but without colour balls.
Recording 3: Frequency = 4 cycles = the space disappears, including the ortho space. The illusion of an empty space of the highest tension arises.


The world is usually more complicated than theories allow. So it is here. The idea of a 3D plane in the hyperspace as a completely uniform matrix carpet can’t be hold by deeper research. The carpet is domed with hump and folds, has areas with finer and coarser tissue i.e. the matrix itself becomes finer or coarser. There may also be other carpets in other locations in the hyperspace, intersections may occur producing intersection lines in the 4D space. Each carpet has embedded further culminating fields into the matrix, which in turn can form patterns or superordinate matrix. In addition there is time as periodicity or frequencies of the matrix, whereby all superordinate fields must have synchronous frequencies in order to meet the conditions of a communication. The synchronicity can also go into hyperspace, which leads to parallel worlds. Closer to the truth lies the notion that each living being has its own recognizable matrix, that it receives its individual world from the superordinate field composites that vibrate synchronously with the neighbouring worlds and thus create a social total. For this reason, this theory leads inevitably to harmony, while the path of science of the standard model always leads to chaos, as it ist proved by the rubble game with LHC (sea of particles).


If we see our body, the physical and the astral or the dream body, we talk about feelings, consciousness, soul, spirit; what does it relate to the matrix? They are the electro-magnetic fields that form our bodies. The Kilian photos show fields they seem to be a higher order in the organization of our bodies. Is it the astral plane? Esotericism speaks of other fields of higher order. The astral plane is regarded as an intermediate area. The electromagnetic regions are fixed and held by the denser field regions of the atoms and sub-atoms fixed in 3D space. There are the vibrational vectors of the nuclides pointing in the 4th dimension, standing waves arise. They are in a high frequency with short ranges. This does not mean that they do not form long wave fields in their size range. Quarks in the triple pack produce qualities like the electric charge, which spatially has a far reaching influence. As a result, a 4-dimensional field mechanics can generate our 3D world (electro-magnetic field). But who controls this world? Kilian's images prove that the astral world seems to control the 3D world. In this sense, higher worlds can control lower sister worlds. However, it has to be sister worlds, only so can affinity be achieved. We see here: The further the world, the further its world matrix is from the base matrix, its freedom is greater, its force for direct action is smaller, and its frequency is lower. This leads us to have a direct influence from our world only to lower worlds (a high mind to the astral plane, an intellectual mind to the electro-magnetic world, etc.). This seems to contradict the fact that higher worlds seem to have a higher frequency. This is because we talked only about the 3D space. In 4D space there is also a scaling of the matrix into the 4th dimension, where the worlds are separated by different frequencies. There it applies, the higher the frequency, the more real (in relation to a supreme reality or to the source of all) is the world. With world is meant a social consciousness. However, the matrix as a reference for any type of scale can be anywhere. Today, the terms "dimension" are used for a Cartesian method of measurement, or in mathematics for other zero-to-infinite domains or in esotericism for other worlds. Our image of the matrix shows that its poly-dimensional scaling and metrics can carry as many worlds as possible with its own matrix, scaling and frequency.

A short story:

A young woman who was already in her childhood frequently abducted by aliens into an UFO and has learned by the time to remember what had happened, described the experience as following: They took me to a silvery little UFO of about 6- 7 meters. Inside I was amazed how spacious it was, definitely bigger than expected from the outside. When I came back home, the clock showed me that only minutes have passed. What does the story shows to us? The UFO condensed the space around it in such a way that further around the UFO a space depression arose, which neutralized the compression of the UFO field space. The woman came into an environment that made the UFO appear very small. Inside she became synchronized with the UFO frequency and experienced the real size of the interiors and the time there. Back home she was again in our own frequency and time. Since the happening took place in another frequency, it needed a long time to practice to learn getting back her memory.

Gunter Michaelis, 1.Original English Version Dez. 2016 , 2.Version Dez. 2017